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About Four Aces


Tiffany Diehl

Poodle Breeder

I've been raising puppies all my life. My mom could always find me in with the puppies, and she still can! I hold these pups from the very beginning and keep a log of my time with each one. I make sure every puppy knows love from a human even before they open their eyes.


Four Aces Miss T


Miss T loves her babies. She even likes growing them since she gets extra food and extra attention. Between the two of us, these puppies never feel alone.

Miss T has been certified clear of health problems both through genetic testing and OFA x-ray testing.


A week before breeding Miss T, I began increasing her nutritional intake.  Each day she received a prenatal vitamin and fish oil. Each night I lay next to her, rubbing and feeling her tummy for movement. As the due date drew near, I went over the whelping box I had made previously. I reinforced bumpers so that puppies could safely roll underneath if they were caught on the wrong side of mom. I placed the box next to my bed. Miss T didn't want to lie in the whelping box as I lay in bed. I took my pillow down into the whelping box the night I felt she would deliver. 

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Health starts before conception.

Why do I breed poodles?

I want to bring joy to the world.  If ever I need a smile, I just need a poodle. They are funny and love to make people laugh. They are loving and snuggle. They are living teddy bears. They are smart and empathic. They are therapy dogs naturally. The biggest challenge with poodles is grooming. So, at three weeks, I start bathing puppies once a week. The fourth week I start shaving feet and face. Until these puppies go to a new home, they get a full grooming once a week. I want puppies desensitized to the trials of being groomed. Recently, a new puppy owner shared that her groomer thought the puppy "was better than some adult dogs she's groomed." This is my goal. I want the owner and the puppy to be happy.

puppy heart.jpg

Taught to love

Each puppy receives love right from birth. As they open their eyes and explore their world, I hold and pet them. As they become more active, they are moved from my quiet bedroom out into the main part of the house. They become immersed in daily life. Every day, I climb into the puppy pen. They crawl all over me. I hold them. They chew on my feet. They lick my face. Each day, before they leave for their new home, they receive individual attention. They know they are loved, and they know how to love.

Raised with Puppy Culture

In 2022, I found, studied, and implemented the program called "Puppy Culture". The puppies started this program shortly after birth. As I weighed each puppy daily, I also performed Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). 

"Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to ENS, including improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate); stronger heart beats; stronger adrenal glands; more tolerance to stress; and greater resistance to disease." - AKC

Puppy Culture has a long list of tasks, timetables, and training videos which I followed to provide the best start to life I can provide to these precious pups.

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