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9357 Oak Ave, Orangevale CA


Application Questions:

  1. How many dogs have you had?

  2. What breed of dog have you had?

  3. How many dogs do you currently have?

  4. What is the total number of dogs you plan on having?

  5. What size yard do you have?

  6. How many walks per week do you plan to take with your new poodle?

  7. Will you be taking the poodle to a dog park?

  8. Do you plan to groom your own dog?

  9. How often will the dog be groomed?

  10. How many hours per day will the dog be alone?

  11. How often do you go out of town and for how long?

  12. Who watches your dog while you are out of town?

  13. Who is your veterinarian?

What poodle care items do you have?

Thanks for submitting!

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