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Living Teddy Bears

These special pups have been held from the very beginning. I have taught them the joy of affection from humans so they are always eager to spend time with people. They can be roughhousing, but as soon they are picked up, they snuggle into your arms. I have raised these pups to love and appreciate their life with humans. Therefore, these pups need a home with someone who will be there for them as much as they will be there for their humans. The more time I spent with the poodles, the more I appreciated their intelligence (smarter than many people), their love (more than loyalty), and especially their love of fun (silliness really). They aren’t natural guard dogs since they will attack with kisses not teeth. They will always alert you of intruders though, barking “friend, friend, instead of intruder, intruder). They are the most fabulous dogs to train. They love to learn agility courses and are very curious. They need lots of physical, mental and emotional stimulation.

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